Grosvenor Holdsworth
This series of portraits of famous idols are reimagined by Jane Grosvenor and James Holdsworth a collaboration. The photograph, the image of the subject is very recognisable and popular and is relevant to us because of its popularity, thus one of the reasons why we have chosen it - the fame, the glamour and the public perception of the subject which we reinterpret. We aim to study the personality of the subject through their histories which gives another dimension to the portrait. We are attempting to understand the subject's disposition, his or her complexities, their problems, addictions, joys, disorders, depressions, successes and failures. The painting becomes a kind of psychologicakl examination in paint, collage and resin. A painting made abstract with expressive painterly brush strokes of colour, black and white, with text, ripped collage, historical images pertinent to the subject and the times, layered, painted over and re-layered. The famous popular photo of the subject is deconstructed then reconstructed several times over and painted with swirls, smears and flicks, with speed, impulsively, spontaneously, forming an abstract language with its unique informal, insouciant narrative. It's analogous to a jazz improvisation, discords and harmonies, chaos and order, out of time, frozen without beginning or end, hanging in a space somewhere.